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 Selkie Family

Justin, Trish, Cian & Ellen



18 thoughts on “Home Page

  1. Enjoy every moment…love hearing how you are getting, keep the posts and photos coming. Love ‘escape velociti’ x

  2. The “Columbus” family of the 21st century! Best wishes to you all from Moone! You are living the dream and keep doing it. From Sheelagh and Tom

  3. It was so wonderful to meet you guys! Wish you all the best on your journey! See you this time next year 🙂 Love, High Yella xoxo

  4. Such a treat – and honor – to meet your family in Maine! You’ve given us a boost to keep us working on “Renaissance” so we can follow you East. Have a grand voyage home. Hugs to Cian and Ellen, thanks for showing us your treasures!

  5. Loved meeting you today, Trish in Fort Pierce, Florida. Blessings, thoughts and prayers to you and your family as you sail on. ~ Jan, 12/20/14

  6. As of May 14 2015 the “Selkies” are having a great sail across the Atlantic! Their SSB is working well and they have a number of boats on their radio net to talk to. Position was 31 07 N and 62 34 W headed for the Azores.

  7. Was so lovely meeting you in Sao Jorge!! My kids are asking to see Cian and Ellen again!! Are you still in Terceira? When are you thinking of leaving?
    Take care!!

  8. Hey guys – so good to hear from you again after a long time – If you manage to get across to Scotland we really must meet up. Clive, Mel, Naomi, Sasha

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